Pitmaster Gregg Howard’s family roots are in the PeeDee area of Jamestown, Andrews, Hell-Hole Swamp. That's why our  original sauce is a generations-old family recipe from Hell-Hole Swamp.

Pitmaster Gregg, dubbed "the Barbeque Man" or "Rib Man" by the locals, is a native born and bred Charlestonian, but still enjoys get-togethers with the rest of the family in Andrews, SC.  Getting together means eating the fresh vegetables from their gardens, farm fresh eggs, and also fresh meat. Gatherings there are a delightful sharing of Southern cuisine!


Growing up, his dad grew vegetables and he learned to cook from his mom and dad, inheriting a love of cooking. He has pleased his family and friends with many chef-quality meals.  

In 2004, Pitmaster Gregg Howard entered the Carolina Pig Pickin' with a $125 offset smoker from Lowe's. He parked it right across from a smoker rig that we guessed to cost upwards of $50,000. Out of a field of over 70 competitors, his ribs won first place, including a nationally known competitor.  He was hooked!  

In 2011, he started RightOnQue. In 2012, RightOnQue was chosen to be a vendor at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square. We were invited to attend the Lowcountry Hoedown and won Best Food Fan Favorite Award 2 years in a row. We decided to turn our focus to catering events from small private parties to large formal weddings. Along the way, we met Cooking Channel's Ted Allen at the Charleston Farmers Market, Jack Waiboer and Phil WIngo while at the Kickin' Chicken in Charleston for the  Culinary Fight Club event, and a lot of new friends.

In 2016, we were asked to be on the Meat and Potato Brawl episode of the Big Bad BBQ Brawl for the Cooking Channel with Shannon Ambrosio. We had a blast!

So this year in 2018 our journey continues, and has led us back to our local community where our family spent the last 20 years, raising children in the excellent Hanahan school system,  going gator-shining at the reservoir, and enjoying being part of an excellent community. It's kind of amazing that the Pitmaster's start on his official BBQ Journey actually began right here in this local neighborhood, with an annual New Year's Eve party for our family and friends.  

This is an opportunity for all of us to be a part of a great neighborhood restaurant!  The connections made with others are what creates a community especially when it's combined with good food.

We're honored to serve you.


Located next to Reservoir Hall in Hanahan, SC we are serving up our award winning local BBQ

We're a small local business

 We are an artisan barbeque restaurant and southern cuisine food company. RightOnQue's barbecue is cooked and steeped in tradition, much like the city of Charleston.  Our specialty meats are cooked as they were in days past - low temperature, slow - smoked using local woods.  

We have enjoyed bringing our BBQ to the Lowcountry since our start in 2012. We've been blessed with so many  opportunities and great times. It is particularly exciting though to be starting our new takeout location, serving our artisan barbeque to our local neighborhood and surrounding areas. 

Since we're not a large corporation, we'll be glad to entertain any requests for future menu additions. We look forward to meeting new friends and customers.

We will continue to cater, so feel free to give us a shout for any of your catering needs.